Actress Vivian Velez on Thursday shared on her Facebook page a petition for President Rodrigo Duterte to change the name of the airport Ninoy Aquino Aquino International Airport back to its original name, Manila International Airport, since she said it is "way to early" to awrad Aquino with such honor, considering he still has accountabilities to settle.

Actress Vivian Velez joins petition to change NAIA back to MIA, says Ninoy is undeserving
Photo by Velez
After being turned over to the Philippines by Americans in 1948, the airport was called Manila International airport until the shooting of Aquino. 

A span of ten years after a person's death is prescribed before a place can be named after him/her. This did not happen however in the changing of the airport's name since it was altered during the term of Ninoy's widow, President Corazon Aquino.

Velez called the act as that of brainwashing and indoctrination.

She said it was way too early to award Aquino of such an honor, considering he owes the country answers.

Velez said Aquino authored a fake account of the so-called Jabidah massacre in 1967 and sabotaged the country's claim to territory.

The massacre was the alleged killing of Moro soldiers by the Armed Forces. The accounts were never proven, and some authors maintained it never happened and insist that it was a ploy by the Liberal Party to damage the image of then President Ferdinand Marcos.

Velez said he was also complicit in the reestablishment of the local communist party and guerilla army.

She also mentioned the Plaza Miranda bombing in 1971, where LP members were victims of an explosion and their leading candidate was nowhere near the scene.

She also noted that Aquino was a prisoner for rebellion.

"Perhaps, to the jaundiced eye of which there are only few in our society , history somehow could be kinder to Ninoy in the end. But that moment is not here yet. And until that moment comes—if it ever does at all -- the name of Ninoy Aquino is a growing source of rancor and divisiveness among our people," she said. 

She said renaming the airport would also be rehabilitative to the criticisms that the airport faced in the past years.

"People abroad can only speculate that it is no coincidence that this bad performance occurred during the administration of Ninoy’s namesake son , highlighted by the LAGLAG BALA scam which victimized more than a thousand of Filipinos and foreigners alike," she said.

The actress also said  that the naming it after Aquino does not bring a sense of unity or identity.

"The name MANILA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT is a proud and storied one. It is recognizable worldwide, redolent of history and fragrant with promise for the future. Let us restore the legacy of such a name to our international gateway, enhance our reputation among our friends abroad, and promote greater unity among our people here at home," she said.

SOURCE: Vivian Velez

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Actress Vivian Velez joins petition to change NAIA back to MIA, says Ninoy is undeserving Actress Vivian Velez joins petition to change NAIA back to MIA, says Ninoy is undeserving Reviewed by Unknown on 20 January Rating: 5

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