Writer Krizette Laureta Chu called on to the government to press charges against Washington Post reporter Radley  Balko for saying that President Rodrigo Duterte  encouraged journalist killings in the Philippines.

Composite phtos from Chu's Facebook and Cato Institute
Balko posted a tweet which read: "Duterte all but promised to start killing journalists, too. One was just shot dead."

Chu said that Balko as  a journalist is a sell out and a liar, a disgrace to the profession.

"I strongly urge President Duterte and the Philippine government to start teaching people a lesson in accountability and sue this "journalist" for libel and slander. This man should be made an example of what happens when you run your mouth without checking your facts." she said.

She said Balko should prepare to be sued and to make sure that he has back up for stating that the President encourages journalist killings.

"If we allow these "journalists" to run unchecked, they will start reporting news without facts, as long as they can join the fun of condemning someone." she said.

Chu tagged the Office of the President's Facebook account on her post, along with the Manila Presidential Communications Office.

She said she had every right to demand for the motion as a Filipino citizen.

SOURCE: Krizette Laureta Chu

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Writer: Sue Washington Post reporter Radley Balko for libel and slander Writer: Sue Washington Post reporter Radley Balko for libel and slander Reviewed by Unknown on 23 December Rating: 5

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