Former politician Rigoberto Tiglao in his column for the Manila Times said that after watching the senate hearing on December 6, he found that Senators Richard Gordon and Panfilo Lacson were the Senate's best while Senators Leila de Lima and Antonio Trillanes IV, were the worst- "ever".

De Lima, Trillanes are the senate's worst, says Tiglao
Tiglao said that Leila and Antonio were the best examples of  the institution's "degradation".

He said that Gordon was good in gathering facts, eliciting an admission from Ronnie Dayan, witness in the hearing, also De Lima's former driver and lover who claimed that she appointed he got her to appoint two justice department officials to higher posts and was paid for his efforts.

"Gordon though was as independent as he was dogged. He was eloquent, with just the right amount of emotional intensity, when he lambasted Philippine National Police Director-General Ronald de la Rosa for failing to clamp down on the illegal drug criminals in Leyte." he wrote.

As for Lacson, Tiglao called him "probing as he was statesmanlike, and extremely quick-witted." he said.

Lacson was debunking Trillanes at the hearing.

Tiglao criticized Trillanes who he said always seemed like he believed that he was some sort of God who can bully witnesses.

"Trillanes revealed himself to be a true believer of the “post-truth” era, repeating several times that the “truth will be different when the world turns, when another administration takes over.” He should be banned from ever speaking in the Senate." Tiglao said.

Tiglao called Senator Leila de Lima "an embarrassment to the Senate when she started speaking. 

"She screamed at her detractors from the top of her head, as if she were at home, and not in the hallowed halls of Congress. I don’t think there has ever been such a scandalous scene as De Lima made. She seems to think that shouting hysterically at the resource persons can replace reason and logic, and would convince them to change their testimony."

He said her indecency was revealed when she ignored Dayan.

"De Lima would have gotten some sympathy from the public if she had addressed Dayan during the hearing to apologize for all the trouble he is in, because of her “frailty” which her political enemies are now exploiting. And I don’t think it was the driver-bodyguard who seduced her." he said.

SOURCE: Manila Times

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