Journalist Inday Espina-Varona lashed out on Vice President Leni Robredo, telling her to stop playing  the martyr.

On her Facebook page, Espina-Varona told Robredo to stop making unsubstantiated claims.

Stop playing the martyr, Leni, says journalist
Composite photos by ABS-CBN News
She also told Robredo not to undermine a constitutional process while "coyly refusing to answer questions by citing subjudice rule".

Robredo has been actively contradicting the electoral protest filed against her by her opponent during the May elections, Bongbong Marcos.

The journalist also told the Vice President to stop inflating achievements as she was recently made to leave the president's cabinet for allegedly "slacking off".

She told Robredo to stop pretending to be the hero.

"Do not pretend to be Joan of Arc and the flagbearer of the opposition when your trust ratings are slipping and the bulk of the opposition do not even like you that much."

Varona said the Filipino can fight the abuses on their own.

Source: Inday Espina-Verona

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