After Senator Leila de Lima said that Solicitor-General Jose Calida had an empty skull, he challenged her to show her scores on her bar examinations and whoever between them has the lower score, should leave office.

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"I hereby put a challenge to De Lima. She accused me that I have an empty skull. She was former Secretary of Justice, I challenge her to reveal her grade in Criminal Law during the Bar exams,” Calida said.

“If her grade is higher than mine, then I will resign as Solicitor-General. But if my grade is higher than hers, she should resign as senator of the Philippines,” he added.

De Lima also called Calida a "sycophant" after he said that she was a "Public Enemy Number 1" for criticizing President Rodrigo Duterte's drug war.

“She accused me of calling enemies names (but) that is an appropriate epithet for her. The proliferation of drugs is the primary concern of our country and the main policy of the Duterte administration is to suppress drugs. But since she was responsible for the proliferation of drugs in the New Bilibid Prison (NBP), then she is public enemy number one,” Calida said, while also claiming that De Lima is the "diva of drugs" in the country.

Calida passed the 1973 Bar examination with a perfect score in Criminal Law. De Lima, on the other hand, ranked 8th in the 1985 Bar examination.

SOURCE: Inquirer

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