Social media activist Sass Rogando Sasot lambasted Senator Leila de Lima for going against the reinstatement of policemen involved in the death of Albuera, Leyte Mayor Rolando Espinosa.

Photo by Pinoy Viral News

Espinosa was killed while inside his jail cell. 

Duterte was firm on the defense of the policemen who, after the incident were still reinstated.

“I will not allow these guys to go to prison. Maski na sabihin ng NBI [na] murder. Eh tutal ano naman ang NBI, under ko rin yan eh, Department of Justice,” Duterte said.

De Lima in turn,  criticized Duterte for "playing blind", and suggested that he be impeached.

Sasot, in her Facebook page commented on the matter by mentioning the deaths of 44 Special Action Forces officers who were allegedly led to their deaths out of orders from then President Benigno Aquino III.

"So De Lima wants Duterte to be impeached for saying that he will not interfere in the case against the Albuera police who killed a narco-Mayor, despite believing that they shouldn't go to prison; but she didn't believe that Aquino is responsible for the death of 44 SAF policemen?" she wrote

"I get it: A dead narco-mayor = De Lima speaks out; 44 dead SAF Policemen, De Lima = silent." she added.

SOURCE: Sass Sasot

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Sass Sasot: De Lima "loud" for death of narco-mayor, but was silent on 44 SAF deaths Sass Sasot: De Lima "loud" for death of narco-mayor, but was silent on 44 SAF deaths Reviewed by Unknown on 07 December Rating: 5

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