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Antonio Contreras, De La Salle University's Professor of Political Science lashed on Vice President Leni Robredo, saying that if she is not guilty of cheating during the 2016 elections, why is she worried about a recount?

"Leni Robredo ano ba problema mo. Kung naniniwala kang ikaw ang nanalo bakit wala kang tiwala sa recount?" he wrote on his Facebook page.

He said it will be the Marcoses and not Robredo who would spend money on the recount.

He also said that Robredo can take part in the recount legally.

"At may karapatan ka namang makialam sa proseso ng recount bilang respondent. Andyan naman si Atty. Macalintal na abugado mo. Di naman siguro problema pera at andyan naman ang LP at si Loida Nicolas-Lewis." he said.

He also said that Leni herself is a lawyer, so she could also represent herself.

"So ano ngayon ang problema at tila takot ka sa recount?" he added.

Robredo has been accused by Bongbong Marcos, her contender for the Vice Presidency last May of cheating on the results.

Several thousands of evidence has been presented by the Marcos team, including suspicious results in several precincts, most of which completely showed zero voters for Marcos, even in areas where he has previously dominated.

Robredo recently resigned from the President's cabinet claiming that a plot was being formed to "steal the Vice Presidency" from her.

SOURCE: Antonio Contreras

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