A Filipino citizen revealed on Facebook his theory that Liberal Party's Loida Nicolas Lewis might have had a hand at the recent publishing of an article about "State-Sponsored Killings" in the Philippines in the New York Times.

NY Times article attacking Duterte, LP might have orchestrated, says netizen
Photo compiled from Facebook and The Fil Am
Krislam Junsay in his Facebook page  said that the timing of the article's publication was "bothersome" since it was released two days after Liberal Party's  Vice President Leni Robredo resigned from President Rodrigo Duterte's cabinet.

"A day after Robredo was fired, Loida Nicolas-Lewis called for President Duterte to resign. She argued that Robredo ought to replace Duterte immediately because Duterte allegedly failed to fulfill one of his campaign promises and because Duterte is a "murderer". Niolcas-Lewis is an American with Filipino affiliation. She is an LP member and is a strong supporter of PhilEx Corporation. She campaigned heavily for LP during the election season." he wrote.

He said that Lewis in 2011 purchased airtime on TFC to broadcast on all Filipinos  in the United States  to protest China's "invasion" of the West Philippine Sea.

"Later it was revealed that Nicolas-Lewis have close ties to people with interest in PhilEx Corporation, and this corporation was the first entity who attempted to dig oil in the West Philippine Sea which aggravated other claimants to the islands and broke the Modus Vivendi placed in the region." he added.

On July 20, 2016, Nicolas-Lewis's delegation comprised of the US-Philippine Society and PhilEx Corporation met with Duterte in Davao City. After the meeting, Lewis was praising Duterte, thinking that he would crumble PH's relationship with China.

But the President only strengthened PH-China relationship to her dismay.

He said that after the drug war's extrajudicial killings being linked to Duterte has "lost its stream", Lewis now only wants to revive the issue.

"She is resorting to international pressure which is often unfair, which does not take into account the role of syndicates, cartels, and other players to the issue into account. And the New York Times can contribute significantly to that end." he said.

"If Nicolas-Lewis has to do with the published article, we could only speculate. But the timing of its publication makes it extremely suspicious and Nicolas-Lewis lives in New York. Nicolas-Lewis does not have the interest of the Filipinos at heart, rather she has an interest to a Robredo presidency." he added.

SOURCE: Krislam Junsay

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