Tiglao: Noynoy Aquino is worst President in PH history
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Former diplomat Rigoberto Tiglao in his column at the Manila Times said that President Benigno Aquino III will go down as Philippine history's worst president.

He said Aquino damaged the institutions of the Republic, and the effect of that would be to put the Philippines a decade back in building a modern, prosperous nation-state that uplifts the welfare of all its citizens.

He said "institutions" are  crucial in a nation's growth.

He cited author Francis Fukuyama, who proposed that there are three institutions in every nation.

The first is the State, which is the institution that “possesses a monopoly of legitimate coercion and exercises that power over a defined territory.”

He said that other countries have a modern state which “does not consist of the ruler’s family and friends; rather recruitment to administrative positions is based on impersonal criteria as merit, education, or technical knowledge.”

"In the five years he has been in office, the Aquino government couldn’t even make the MRT-3 trains run on time and efficiently. In five years, even if the Congress had given it the funds, the Aquino state could not modernize the military, and instead, has all this time been stuck in allegations of corruption in the purchase of military equipment. Despite Aquino’s boast in 2011 that the country would be exporting rice soon, we are still importing 1 million tons of rice yearly." he said.

He said that the second institution is the rule of law, which Aquino also messed up, with his "selective justice".

"Three opposition senators are jailed for alleged involvement in the pork-barrel scam. Aquino’s allies, though, are exempt from any such investigation." he said.

The third is Democratic Accountability. 

Tiglao said Aquino damaged severely the Philippine state’s most important institution, the Constitutional separation of the three branches of government.

"The executive headed by Aquino bribed the legislative branch to decapitate the judicial branch, with its head replaced by a known ally of the President. That really was this regime’s defining moment. With Chief Justice Renato Corona out of the way, he thought his clan could get a much bigger land-reform compensation for Hacienda Lusita." he wrote.

"Aquino appointed as associate justice and then Chief Justice a legal academic, with little actual practice of law, whose main qualification was that she was the President’s college buddy and that that she prepared his family’s Supreme Court brief to get better compensation for their Hacienda Luisita’s expropriation. " he said.

He said Aquino damaged the Supreme Court, the Philippine National Police and even the media.

"He won’t dare boast that he has strengthened the institutions of the Philippine Republic, which is actually the most important task of a President, but which is really beyond his exiguous intellect.He has, in fact, damaged them severely." he said.

SOURCE: Manila Times

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