The website Thinking Pinoy has posted an article on Friday explaining the Liberal Party's plan to remove President Rodrigo Duterte from the presidency by January of 2017, a plan deemed "Plan 0117".

Part of the plan are LP members Leni Robredo, Leila de Lima, Loida Nicolas-Lewis and Lourdes Sereno.

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The article said that it was crucial for the LP to be able to accomplish the action by January.

To remove Philippine presidents, there are three ways: resignation, death or impeachment. The opposition could plan assassination, coup d'etat or people power.

Should Leni Robredo implement any of the three there would be an  extra-constitutional power transition, which would require the newly-formed government to seek international recognition. 

Recognition from the United States would be important but this has to be received before Trump sits, since the LP had better chances with Barack Obama who will sit only until January.

Bongbong Marcos' possible replacement of Leni is also a hindrance.

The article said that assassination is unlikely because of the efficient PSG, a coup is also impossible unless loyalists AFP Chief Visaya of PNP Chief Dela Rosa will go against their leader.

The opposition would be left with the option of people power.

The movement should start before Donald Trump's inauguration, should gather public and military support and gain international recognition.

The article said that the LP has been orchestrating a global anti-Duterte movement since December.

The article said that preventing people power would stop the LP from their plans, and the Filipinos are well capable of it.

SOURCE: Thinking Pinoy

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