In his column for the Manila Times, political scientist Antonio Contreras said that he has a dislike for the stereotypes given to Bicolanas, who are portrayed as she-devils.

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He said that this stereotype must have been crushed by Bicol's "supposed" pride, Leni Robredo and Leila de Lima.

Leila is from Iriga City, and Leni has roots in Sorsogon, but is now a resident of Naga City.

However, Contreras said that the two are now portrayed as victims. But none of them are.

He called de Lima an ex-mistress of a married man.

"Her salacious relationship has become the canvas on which allegations of influence peddling and drug collections to finance her senatorial run are being painted. All the fingers of men tainted by accusations of involvement in the illegal drug trade are pointing to her." he said.

On the other hand, he said Leni was a "non-performer" who "spent more time traveling, posing for magazine covers, and contradicting the positions of the man for whom she should be acting as an alter ego. And for this, she was constructively dismissed by the President."

He said men in the administration are being painted as antagonists, but none of the ladies are victims.

"Bicolanos should have been proud of Leila and Leni. But many Bicolanos aren’t." he said.

"Maybe it is because these two are perceived, rightly or wrongly, to embody the worst of how our women have been stereotyped–ambitious, aggressive, lusting not only for power but for the pleasures of the flesh, opportunistic. This has led quite a few Bicolanas to express their discomfort at having these two women represent them." he added.

SOURCE: Manila Times

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