As a test of democracy, President Rodrigo Duterte's lawyer and friend, Atty. Bruce Rivera said that the people should decide whether they want the President to have revolutionary powers or not.

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Rivera made a post on his Facebook account, as Duterte's 6 months in the presidency is marked. 

"It has been six months since the Duterte got the reins of the Presidency and there is no cessation of hostilities from those that either oppose his reforms or those that want the power for themselves." he said.

Rivera said that Duterte already survived a tedious campaign, ridicule from the international community and a resistance from the drug powers, and a campaign to unseat him.

He said the opposition wants Duterte to declare martial law so a take-over will be justified. "He will not bite the bait," Rivera said.

Rivera also recalled Duterte saying that he will declare a revolutionary government should he not get the results he wants.

He said that would be good in a perfect world, but the United States would interfere.

"My proposal is simple. If the negative forces that refuses to adhere to the rule of plurality will not stop, why will we not put this issue to another test of democracy. Let us see if majority of the Filipino people will grant the President revolutionary powers to once and for all rid the system of its bureacracy and establish a federal government that will not be infested by the usual germs and parasites." he said.

Rivera proposed that the Filipinos test the waters again.

"After all, we are still in a democracy, correct?" 

SOURCE: Bruce Rivera

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