Politician Francisco Tatad in his article for the Manila Times said that all the noise and attention given to the recent burial of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos is actually helping hide bigger issues in the country.

Tatad said that Marcos was no hero, and everybody agrees on that including his family, who gave him a private burial.

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He claimed however, that there are other issues that arde being hidden or may be purposely covered up by the burial.

"Why? Why this tumultous pandemonium and thunder? What distraction are they trying to create, and from what, and from whom? We cannot avoid this question. There are several possible answers."

One possible reason he says is that Duterte is trying to hide the present death toll of his drug war.

"The killings continue,and the police commanders are given quotas of dead bodies to fill." he wrote.

He also said that a Communist revolutionary dictatorship is being brewed by Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco under the Kilusang Pagbabago. He said the man probably enjoys the diversion of attention.

He also noted that there are problems now with negotiations between the government and the CCP/NPA/NDF who demand but do not offer anything to the government in return.

"The CPP/NPA/NDF has its peace agreement to conclude without conceding anything to the Government, while it insists on the release of all political prisoners, among other things, as a precondition for a ceasefire agreement." he wrote.

" With a loud noise on a sensational issue in the streets, the negotiations between the communist or communist-influenced members of the Cabinet and the NDF could proceed indoors to discuss the terms of surrender of the Government, without committing the CPP/NPA to disarm, demobilize and reintegrate into the government forces" he added.

SOURCE: Manila Times

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