by Ms Lorraine Marie T. Badoy

There is particular group of Filipinos that makes my hair stand on end for the clueless arrogance and ignorance they display and I reserve a big chunk of my disdain for them.

These are those who can’t say anything good about what is happening in our country now and our President and yet no longer live here.

Sure I think Trump is despicable. I don’t think he’d be a good president of the USA and to have him be the most powerful man on earth in a few weeks is something that makes chills run up and down my spine.

But I would never be so presumptuous as to ask that he step down nor would I join any movement to oust him. The American people have spoken and however much I think their electoral process sucks so that I don’t think the real will of the people prevails during their elections, I know my place.

I shut the fuck up.

At the very most, I cluck my tongue when US-based friends of mine cluck theirs and I engage in chats but it is nowhere near the bile and poison ex-Pinoys feel they are entitled to vent—even when they’ve abandoned ship.

To be distinguished from those who no longer live here but listen with respect when we speak and who really want to know. Not those who talk down on us but seek genuine conversations.

I find it all so galling.

And these days, the Queen of Gall in my book is Loida Nicholas.

And when I watched this video (I know, late na naman ako.) of hers asking for the resignation of our President, it is all I can do not to throw my tsinelas at her.

What is this woman smoking? What makes her think it is her place to say all these things against our President and what makes her think she is well within her rights to call for his resignation and then to plot his ouster?

What I’d like to do to this woman is give her a thorough neuropsychological test—top to bottom.

And yes I’d like to do this test on a lot of my US based friends who think they know far better than we do our OWN realities and who pooh pooh the overwhelming support the President enjoys because they do think they know better.

They fancy themselves more knowledgeable about the Philippine situation because you know, they’re far away and they think this gives them a better vista from which to view us. (And maybe because they’re now Americans haha..feeling superior.)

No, dears, I have news for you. You might need to sit down for the earth-shattering news I have to give you.

Being far away and far removed from the Philippines does not give you a fuller picture of our realities here. What it does is it makes you far away and far removed. That is all.

And unless you put these 2 glaring FACTS in your vista: that the President won by a landslide and that he continues to enjoy the overwhelming support of the Filipino people, then all you’re spouting is some shit you made up in your mind.

And it would be best for you to either educate yourselves and stop believing every blessed fart and burp Western media feeds you and maybe, for a change, listen---really LISTEN-- to what some of us have to say about the country we live in and have not left--a country we have cast our lot with.

As for Loida Nicholas-Lewis.

Boy, this billionaire sure has a lot of time on her hands. And methinks, that like a lot of people in her age group, Loida wants her last hurrah. Something she will be remembered for for all time. Like a lot of these US/overseas based know-it-alls. Only difference is LNL has a lot of moolah.

So after having left this country, and after having made their significant contributions to their adopted land and for a lot of them, having not given ANY significant contribution to us (dudes, endless ngawngaw is NOT a significant contribution. What it is is a significant source of HEADACHE for us!!) they now have delusions of grandeur and fancy themselves experts on the Philippine situation and what’s more, OUR SAVIORS.

So I just want to tell Loida and all her wanna-bes: sorry, that ship has sailed.

The expiration date on your dream to be experts and saviors of your country of birth took effect the day you rode out into the sunset to chase after your American/Australian/whatever dream.

Sure it’s great that you still think of us, us who are on ground zero and us who battle day in day out—but please, just send a postcard next time ok? You couldn’t stand the heat in the kitchen and you left.

You opted out.

Now, please, know your place and STAY OUT.

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Filipina doctor powerful message to Loida Nicholas-Lewis: Know your place and STAY OUT Filipina doctor powerful message to Loida Nicholas-Lewis: Know your place and STAY OUT Reviewed by Kristian S. on 23 December Rating: 5

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