Senator Leila de Lima on Wednesday said that President Rodrigo Duterte has gone mad from "abusing" Fentanyl, a painkiller prescribed for patients with chronic diseases.

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“Duterte should stop taking Fentanyl because obviously it has already driven him to madness and to fits of paranoia where everyone he sees is either a drug addict or a drug lord,” De Lima said.

“Mr President, stop abusing drugs so for even one single second you can experience a lucid interval and discover how crazy this drug war witch-hunting has become,” she added.

De Lima siad Duterte should be on top of his own drug list for using the drug.

“At least I, whom he recklessly and wrongly accuses as a narco-politician, haven't taken a single addictive drug in my life, while he who runs amok and froths in the mouth like a rabid animal has the temerity to make up a list, when he should be on the top of that list,” De Lima said.

Duterte was prescribed Fentanyl but was told to stop after his doctor allegedly found him to be "abusing" it.

SOURCE: Rappler

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Duterte's "abuse" of medication brought him to madness, says De Lima Duterte's "abuse" of medication brought him to madness, says De Lima Reviewed by Unknown on 21 December Rating: 5

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