President Rodrigo Duterte on Friday declared that the problem on drugs is slowly receding, one new dilemma that the country is to face is terrorism.

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The President on a speech in Davao said that he will make an announcement regarding the matter.

He also urged the public to prepare.

“Then I’d like to warn you in the coming days. We will be facing a serious problem, aside from drugs. Okay na ‘yung drugs. Hayaan mo na lang ‘yung mga operating units,” he said.

“But be prepared for something else, it’s terrorism. It will come and I will make the statement after I shall have gone back to Manila to confer– Medyo ano talaga tayo… be prepared,” the President added.

He said that the dilemma could persist for two to three years.

However, he said he’s determined to talk to “everybody,” including Moro rebels because he doesn’t want war to break out.

“Hindi naman sana ma-offend ang military, but that is really the best solution there [unclear] lang muna tayo. Wala naman tayong magawa eh. I said we cannot wage war against our own people. And you cannot build a government over the bones of the soldiers and the rebels,” he said.

SOURCE: Politiko

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