RG San Luis said that President Rodrigo Duterte's statement about revising the Constitution particularly the law on declaring martial law, was just a statement of opinion.

Composite photos from San Luis's Facebook and Sitibe
San Luis shared the news about Albay Representative Edcel Lagman saying that amending the constitution under Duterte is dangerous as the President wants to legitimize "dictatorial powers".

San Luis said that Duterte was just expressing his point of view as did former Solicitor-General Estelito Mendoza when he said that the President is powerless in times of national emergencies which may require him to declare martial rule in order to call out the military.

He said that it has become an imperative for the provisions to be reviewed in light of national security threats in the country.

"The Philippines may be the only country in the region without the equivalent of the British legacy to Malaysia and Singapore which is its Internal Security Act. This is the ability to use special powers with parliamentary oversight in light of national emergencies when the government is threatened by serious national security threats such as terrorism, a rebellion or an insurgency," he said.

He said the "Yellowtards" are only afraid because their acts towards the government are bordering on sedition.


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