Lorraine Marie T. Badoy, daughter of trial chief former Sandiganbayan Associate Justice Anacleto Badoy in her Facebook page that Vice President Leni Robredo was purposely fired for her poor performance in President Rodrigo Duterte's cabinet.

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Robredo resigned as Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council chair after she was asked to dissent from attending Cabinet meetings.

Badoy said that the President hires people with faith and trusts them with their jobs, but fires them if they fail to perform well.

"He is a man who gets things done--surely you guys see this. And so he finds it unbearable to carry non-performing deadweight in his cabinet. Specially for something that's been dying to get done for over 3 years now. And for which this President bleeds to get done." she said.

Badoy said this is why Robredo was maneuvered to resign.

She said she was happy that the VP resigned, unless tangible proof that Robredo accomplished anything can surface.

Badoy said there remains no proof of any accomplishment from Robredo.

"Let someone who's heart is into getting the job done, get that important job done. PEOPLE NEED HOMES. If she can't do it, I am happy she has stepped down so then someone with the will to serve gets this done." she said.

Here is her full post:
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