President Rodrigo Duterte has been entitled as the world's craziest president by website

The site has eight million readers and writer Mark Oliver made the claim on October.

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There were ten reasons listed as to why Duterte deserved the title.

On number ten was the instance where Duterte gave a scandalous comment on an Australian citizen hostaged and raped in Davao in 1989, where he said he should have been the first to rape Jacqueline Hamil.

On top nine, was when he said he will be funding his own presidential campaign.

It also mentioned how the President admitted to having a live-in partner and two other affairs and that he is spending money from his own pocket for them.

On number eight is Duterte stating that he didn't care about human rights.

On number seven, is when the President compared himself to Adolf Hitler and Idi Amin, where he mentioned that if Hitler killed three million jews, he could also killl three million drug addicts in the country.

The curse word that Duterte threw while talking about United States president Barack Obama fell at number six, while number five is when the President threatened to remove the Philippines from the United Nations.

On top four is when Duterte allegedly cursed Pope Francis for causing traffic when got in the country.

Duterte encouraging the people to kill drug addicts fell at number three. The article detailed how the number of corpses piled up in the streets after Duterte sat as president.

The  President saying that he would murder his own children if he found them using drugs fell at number two.

On top one is when Duterte said that should he be incarcerated for murder, he would have himself pardoned, and how he said that he would pardon policemen who would be charged while performing their orders in the drug war.

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Source/s: Radyo Inquirer, DZRH News, Listverse, Mark Oliver

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