Doctor and human rights advocate Lorraine Marie T. Badoy criticized Vice President Leni Robredo's vacation in the United States while her constituents in Naga City face a strong typhoon.

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Badoy posted the message on her Facebook account, giving it the title "The Woefully Inept Leni Robredo".

She said that the Vice President may not have much on her job description, but true leaders know when they are needed and would help without counting costs or checking if they are required to do so.

The Vice President meanwhile claimed that she is coordinaring with the local government while she is in New York City.

Badoy called the statement "pure and unmitigated bullshit".

Robredo said  that the vacation has been planned for a year and that the reason why she had to leave was that christmas in her hometown is painful without her husband, Jesse.

Badoy said that Robredo should have forgotten about her own woes because she is in public service.

"So ganito pala ang pagka-lider ni Leni Robredo. Walang sakuna dapat n mangyari pag Pasko because you know- grieving heart." she said.

"Loss and grief- that is now the lot of thousands upon thousands of Bicolanos- shake a person to his very core. And to have a fellow human being be with you in your darkest hour is to give back to that person something precious- piece of his humanity back.Real leaders know all these." she added.

Badoy said that Leni owes much of what she has now to the people from her hometown, but now that strong winds leave them cold and frightened, she is not there with them.

"One of the key components of disaster management is the physical presence of government officials because it sends out this message to beleaguered citizens: the government is in control and we have your back. The VP herself said so in 2015: "it is very important for local folks to see their government officials during and right after a disaster."" Badoy said.

Robredo however, boarded a plane on December 23, knowing that a super typhoon was to hit her hometown.

Badoy said that in terms of disaster, physical presence of leaders is non negotiable, and that travel plans must be cancelled when people are in great need.

She said that the Liberal Party who are allegedly trying to unseat the President, should teach Robredo on how to be a leader.

She said if Robredo wanted to replace Duterte, she should learn from him first, along with other "masters", Judy Taguiwalo, Paeng Mariano and many others.

SOURCE: Lorraine Badoy

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Doctor: Leni should be in Naga and not US, real leaders know when to forget about themselves and help Doctor: Leni should be in Naga and not US, real leaders know when to forget about themselves and help Reviewed by Unknown on 27 December Rating: 5

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