BBC is anti-Duterte, says Greco BelgicaPolitician Greco Belgica said on Saturday criticize a BBC reporter who questioned Duterte on killing addicts,  and said that he would rather have the policemen  kill drug lords and addicts under President Rodrigo Duterte's orders than let these addicts kill innocent children.

Belgica shared a video showing an interview of BBC with Duterte where he admitted that he has killed three addicts and BBC's reporter asked him if that made him worthy of his position.

The reporter also brought up Duterte's prescription drugs and asked if that made him an addict too.

Belgica criticized the reporter, saying that if she was a protector, he'd want her dead too.

"Drugs protectors are criminals. Ms BBC reporter, if you'd rather have innocent people scared for their life, than criminals running for their lives then do it in your own country. Stay out of the Philippines. We don't need you here nor do we want you here. " he said.

Belgica criticized BBC for twisting Duterte's statement, and making Duterte's killing of the three addicts seem like murder when it was a "justified killing in defense or pursuit of a awful order".

"BBC is anti Duterte. They are making a murderer out of the President to sell their news for pursuing an agenda of a peaceful and orderly society. If criminals die for their crime and while committing a crime then, it is not murder but a just pursuit of a lawful order or in defense of life or innocent people." he said.

"It's a stupid question to compare prescriptive drugs with illegal drugs. Obviously this lady is paid to destroy. he added.

He said that drug protectors do not deserve to be looked after.

Belgica claimed that people need to work hard to might misinformation, claiming that BBC is like an international tabloid making Duterte appear like a  human rights violator.

"This is dangerous. They will use this to justify possible invasion." he said

SOURCE: Greco Belgica

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