Presidential Communications Office Secretary Martin Andanar on his column at the Philippine Daily Inquirer said that the state of the country in narcopolitics and drug trade would have been frightening had President Rodrigo Dutere lost in the elections.

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He noted the  testimonies of the likess of Kerwin Espinosa and Ronnie who have pointed at prominent personalities involved in drugs, including Senator Leila de Lima who was then Seretary of Justice when the two claimed to be in business.

After Duterte won, hundreds of thousands of drug users have surrendered to the Philippine Natonal Police, crowding jaila and rehabilitation centers.

The number of drug surrenderees have nos surpassed 800,000 in five months, while 5,000 drug suspects have been killed.

"The beans spilled by the likes of Kerwin Espinosa and Ronnie Dayan are terrifying as they are. But we know there are more stories to be told. The menace has many facets. The threat will refuse to subside." Andanar said.

"It is a dreadful thought: What we now see might be just the tip of the iceberg. How many public officers were bought by the drug lords? How many more might have succumbed if we had a less determined president? Who would stand up against the power and money of this “industry”?" he added.

SOURCE: Inquirer

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