Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV gave a message to Filipinos on Thursday to be careful of a leader who breaks his word every chance he gets.

He noted President Rodrigo Duterte's broken promises, including his vow to never curse again.

Trillanes: Something wrong with Filipinos for supporting Duterte
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“For me, that’s not new,” said Trillanes, when asked about his opinion on the matter.
“Open your eyes. Niloloko ka na. Niloloko na tayong lahat,” he said.

Trillanes said “there’s something wrong with the Filipino people” when support for the President remains strong despite his frequent turnarounds from official pronouncements.

“He said he will not run… Filipinos just rode along… You didn’t see, you’ve been had… He said he will stop crime in three to six months… He said [during the campaign that] he will end smuggling in three days… He will jetski to the Spratlys… that he will double the salaries of police and military officers,” the senator said.

“There’s something wrong with you when you allow yourselves to be fooled," he added.

He also cited the growing death toll of drug suspects.

“When someone kills, he should be held accountable. If we are angry at thieves, how much more at murderers? There’s something wrong about our morals these days,” he said.

He said he believed Duterte was spearheading the killings in Davao during his time as mayor.

“I am firm in my belief that President Duterte was behind the DDS (Davao Death Squad) in Davao City and the extrajudicial killings now happening in our country,” he said.

“If he was not the one behind this, then why can’t he stop it? Instead, he is even encouraging the killings. This is the big problem we’re facing here,”

He also hit senators who he claimed were “apologists,” “enablers” and “collaborators” of the president.

“To me, there’s no debate on the war on drugs. Yes, we are all against that. But what we’re talking about is, what is your approach? Right now, I don’t see any holistic program. All they’re saying is ‘Kill them, kill them.’ To me, that’s wrong,” he said.

Source: Inquirer

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