Apparently, the project of Vice President Leni Robredo in the Naga River is hinted with irregularities.

It was questioned that the materials used in the project were substandard.

The materials used in the River's barricade, its railings were the ones most questionable.

Substandard materials used in VP Leni's Naga River project
Photo by Bicol Politics
The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) district office discovered that the G.I. pipes used in the infrastructure project were not up to the required specifications.

Because of this, District Head Engineer Rebecca Roces said her office decided not to approve the collection of NFH Construction, the winning project contractor.

According to the filed report, the pipes that were supposed to be used as railings were not the ones used. The ones in actuality were much thinner.

The project was inaugurated in Septemnber and cost Fifty million pesos.

A long crack appeared on the barricade, and a 55-meter portion of the barricade–that’s almost 200 feet–collapsed.

The DPWH has aired its concern over the project.

The revetment is 5,670 meters long and runs along Barangays Dayangdang to Penafrancia.

The railings cost 2 million pesos.

SOURCE: Bicol Politics

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Substandard materials used in VP Leni's P50-M Naga River project Substandard materials used in VP Leni's P50-M Naga River project Reviewed by Unknown on 10 November Rating: 5

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