A recent study found that people who are adept at curse words are actually more intelligent than those who are not.

A research from Marist College in Poughkeepsie New York showed that intelligent people use more curse words.

Studies show cursing is a sign of intelligence
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It suggests that a healthy vocabulary of curse words is a sign of higher rhetorical skills.

It revealed that people who can name a lost of curse words within a minute have a wider range of vocabulary. 

The participants of the sty by the end of it, came up with 533 different taboo words.

Fluency in curse words have been found to be connected to traits of neuroticism and openness.

The study found no difference to be generated by gender and can be applied to both men and women.

As reported by Washington Post, a study published in the journal Language Sciences, which finds that fluency in “taboo words” is correlated with having a larger vocabulary in general.

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