Actress Sharon Cuneta spoke in her defense, after she ranted about slow internet connection in the country.

After posting, the actress was bashed by netizens who told her that her husband, Senator Kiko Pangilinan could have helped solve this problem during his  term as legislator.

Sharon Cuneta calls bashers "incredibly uninformed"
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Cuneta called her bashers "incredibly uninformed or misinformed,".

The actress said that people know that she is not "unsmart", and said she was putting the effort to explain the situation at hand.

"There are 104 million Pinoys and we have, from both TelCos (a "duopoly," sadly, in our country) a mere 15,000 cell sites, as compared to, say, Malaysia which has a population of about 29 million AND 25,000 CELL SITES, talagang kulelat at kawawa naman tayo." she wrote.

"Now, what the President and legislators and other politicians can do in our country to attempt to fix this wi-fi problem is to perhaps try to PUSH the TelCos to invest more in their infrastructure (build more cellsites) and improve their services. I dunno what they are thinking but if I were a businessman with almost no competition at dalawa lang kami, baka tamarin na akong gumastos pa sa pagpapagawa ng dagdag na cellsites. If there were more TelCo players, kahit 2 or 3 more, that would allow for greater competition and subsequently, better services for us Filipinos." she added.

She said she has long been compalining about the issue.

She said it is up to the TelCo's and not the government officials to make a move to solve the dilemma.

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Cuneta claimed that she is certain that President Rodrigo Duterte is making a move already, possibly speaking to TelCo's, and improve internet speed in the country.

She said Duterte, and her husband are "public servants" and not genies-in-a-bottle.

"Please, having said all that, this is a happy page. I do not seek to make enemies. Pero may mag bagay na minsan kailangan linawin. Name-calling is so childish and says more about the troll than it does me, so I am not bothered by that. Busy ako being productive." she wrote.

"There are ways of disagreeing without being rude. Unless of course iba ang agenda talaga ng pagiging trolls ninyo eh alam na namin yun." she said.

The post has earned more than two thousand interactions as of press time.

Read full statement of Sharon Cuneta:

Sharon Cuneta calls bashers "incredibly uninformed"

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