Fr. Ranhilio Callangan Aquino, dean of San Beda College of Law and Chairman of the Department of Jurisprudence and Legal Philosophy at Philippine Judicial Academy, Supreme Court, wrote for The Standard saying that he was in fear of what was happening at the moment as protesters gathered at the EDSA monument and all around Manila to protest the recent burial of late dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.

"It is not the crowds that frighten me, because, truth to tell, they do not make that remarkable a throng. It is not even the possibility of an upheaval that may send the government packing that worries me" he wrote.

San Beda Law dean reiterates Marcos burial was legal
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He said the Duterte government is far too powerful to be ousted and that Bong bong Marcos has a large following too, judging from the election results.

"What I am frightened about is the virulence of the rage that the protests have made manifest. It is one thing to deliver a very strong speech, articulating one’s arguments against the burial — but it is really quite another thing to incite the desecration of a grave, or even to move for the exhumation of the remains of one already buried." he said.

The priest reiterated that the burial was legal. He said Ted Te, spokesperson of the Court said that no motion for reconsideration has been filed.

He said just because Marcos declared martial law does not mean that he didn't deserve the burial.

"The Constitution of 1935 allowed him to and, unlike the Constitution of 1987, did not lay down parameters for the execution of martial law. In fact, it is not correct to say “never again”, for where circumstances demand it, the President must use the powers given him by the Constitution to defend the Republic." 

He said the reported atrocities were verified only by an american court.

He said it was not fair to say that Marcos is the culprit behind every summary execution, every act of torture, every incident of unlawful disappearance.

He said there  were no facts supporting the claims.

He also defended why the family kept the burial secret.

"Families are entitled to determine the manner their loved ones are interred, are they not? Of course announcing the funeral ahead of time would have given Marcos opponents ample time to plan and strategize the sabotaging of the event — much like an irate Roman mob threw the body of Pope Pius IX into the Tiber during the Funeral Procession.'

He said it would have pleased the Marcos haters.

He said the anger of the protesters was frightening.

"That kind of anger that does not flinch at conscripting school children to mouth invectives to which they utterly cannot relate, or that passes to millennials one version of the story as the authorized and canonical version, or that condemns to the fires of damnation when one should be praying for the salvation of all — that is the anger that frightens me because it corrodes the spirit of the nation" he wrote

SOURCE: Fr Ranhilio Aquino-Callangan

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San Beda Law dean reiterates Marcos burial was legal San Beda Law dean reiterates Marcos burial was legal Reviewed by Unknown on 21 November Rating: 5

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