"Ang daming chismis at awayan at kaganapan, so mga kababayan, focus on the issue that matters the most."

This is what writer Krizette Laureta Chu said about the recent statements implicating Senator Leila de Lima of being involved in narcopolitics by her driver and lover, Ronnie Dayan.

Known writer on De Lima case: Cut the crap, focus on the facts
Composite photos from ABS-CBN News and Chu's FB page
She said if De Lima had a little dignity, she would've resigned already.

Her post was also in defense of political activist Sass Sasot.

"As for the other issues na pilit na pinapalaki kahit wala: Wag kayong mag alala, hindi kayo literal na grigripuhan ni Sass. She cannot physically hurt you, and you cant physically hurt her bilang nasa malayo sya. That's the truth, plain and simple. And cyberbullying? Guys, havent we been cyberbullying each other since the election? Don't use Sass to politicize or to bury more important issues." she wrote.

She said that as taxpayers, the people should focus on the case against De Lima.

"Isang issue ang pinakamahalaga ngayon: That a senator and a former Justice secretary has for years been involved in not just corruption but criminality. All the things she denied on TV are now slowly being proven true one by one. Trinaydor tayo, pero ang iba dyan, nagbubulag bulagan kasi di matanggap ang katotohanan." she wrote.

Chu accused those opposing questioning De Lima of having a strong hatred of Duterte and letting that cloud their judgment.

"The De Lima issue is the issue that matters the most, and if you forcibly bury this issue by talking about nonsensical things, kayo din ang kawawa."

"If De Lima gets through this unscathed, you and the generations after you will suffer because politicians will lie, cheat, and murder people because of their greed again and again and again, because you allowed them." she wrote.

Chu said that the issues one focuses on determines the kind of person he or she is.

Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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