According to University of the Philippines Professor Emeritus for Sociology Randy David, the Duterte administration wants to destroy the legacy of President Benigno Aquino III.

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He said De Lima was associated with Aquino's rule, so she was a good target and so he attacked her saying she was involved with drug trade.

David in his column in Inquirer  said “Someone is undoubtedly behind this badly written script, someone who seeks to destroy Senator De Lima because she has become emblematic of everything that the Aquino administration stood for. To destroy her is to deface the legacy of that administration.”.

He said he made the statement after hearing  drug lord Kerwin Espinosa testify.

He said it was doubtful if Dayan's claims were trur.

"It looks more likely that Dayan had exploited and monetized his personal connection with her for his own selfish interests. I even doubt if this undeserving man ever had any real affection for the woman he is now sacrificing at the altar of her enemies,” he said.

SOURCE: Politiko

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