Antonio Contreras, political analyst and professor of political science lashed on actress Kris Aquino in his column for the Manila Times.

Contreras said that he abhorred the actress, and claimed that she violated human rights.

DLSU professor Antonio Contreras: Kris Aquino violated human rights, killed art
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He said that Aquino might never had gotten to where she is now, had her mother Cory not been a president.

"Her debut on entertainment stage was actually a foreboding of a black comedy, when she fell from the stage of a GMA-7 program.And everything just flowed like a beautiful nightmare." he wrote.

He said Aquino was talentless, but she sure can talk.

He said that she could turn her hosting into a monologue and her guests into props. He said that Aquino is the Duterte of show business for she tries to skim away from conventions.

Contreras claimed that while Digong is accused of human rights violations, Aquino had violations herself.

He said that Aquino is guilty of violating Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), which states that “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.”

"Kris may be providing entertainment to many. But she could also be seen as a punishment inflicted by her former mother network ABS-CBN on people who don’t like her. I know of people who simply cannot stand her, and would liken any moment of watching her antics as akin to torture, and could even be considered as a form of cruelty." 

He also noted that the actress is also guilty of violating Article 9 of the UDHR. “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile,” 

"To be forced to watch Kris Aquino on TV is akin to being under arrest or detention, even as to be forced to leave just to flee and avoid her is akin to being forced into exile. "

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"You escape in the privacy of your own space by tuning in to another channel only to be greeted by a commercial being aired there where she endorses instant noodles or something. You see her in billboards. You see her in magazines.She is so ubiquitous to a point that she has become rudely intrusive, that avoiding her is a difficult struggle." he wrote.

He says that the actress is  once again trying to sustain her intrusion after the political exit of her brother, former president Noynoy Aquino, and her own exit from her network, ABS-CBN.

"Kris Aquino violated our human rights. She may not have extra-judicially murdered a drug addict, but she definitely killed art." he wrote.

"She is guilty of murdering the art of acting when she forced many people to go on believing that what she did in her movies was actually acting. She has extra-judicially killed the art of hosting when people believed that this is what she was doing in her talk shows." he added.

Read full column of Mr. Antonio Contreras: Manila Times

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