Former politician Rigoberto Tiglao in his column at the Manila Times said that while Ronnie Dayan, Senator Leila de Lima's ex-bodyguard and lover has testified against her in the House probe, her two other alleged lovers should also be summoned.

 DE LIMA’S LOVERS: Left, Dayan confirmed; middle, PSG soldier Joenel Sanchez, and right, MMDA security escort Warren Cristobal doing the justice secretary’s “ice bucket challenge.”
Photo from Manila Times

Dayan testified on  De Lima's link to drug lord Kerwin Espinosa whom she used to get money for her senatorial campaign.

Dayan, who De Lima confirmed to have been with for years, said that he broke up with her after finding out that she had two other boyfriends, who were also her security personnel.

The other alleged lovers are PSG soldier Joel Sanchez and MMDA security escort Warren Cristobal.

Tiglao said that the Congress could uncover the truth if the two men were brought in to be questioned.

He said that the inconsistencies between Dayan and Espinosa's statements could be a result of the fact that Dayan was not the only bagman De Lima had.

He said that she might have been romantically linking herself to these men so they wouldn't tell on her.

"She most probably thought that a lover could be trusted, because of their sexual and romantic entanglement, to be her bagman. In her mind, perhaps De Lima saw herself as a beautiful alpha-female with whom men—especially those from the lower classes—are putty in her hands, whose emotions she can manipulate that she could trust them to be her collector of dirty money." he wrote.

SOURCE: Manila Times

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