Former Secretary of Interior and Local Government Rafel AProsecutor says Bato had no violations, check law.

Alunan suggested a cemetery to be called “Libingan ng mga Pangulo” after the controversial proposal to bury late president Ferdinand Marcos has been approved by the Supreme Court.

President Rodrigo Duterte has been defending this motion, arguing that Marcos deserves the burial for he was a “president and a soldier”.

Rafael Alunan: I recommend a “Libingan ng mga Pangulo”
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Alunan said that by making a completely separate cemetery, the public’s adverse reaction to the burial and the SC’s decision “that did not consider the glaring truth of history, the impact on the current state of the nation, and the moral implications on future generations”,could be mitigated.

He said contrary to the SC’ belief that their decision would close the chapters on martial law, society is still polarized. He said the moral gaps remained and the motion only served to open old wounds.

“We are asked to forgive and forget. But we must all remember that forgiveness is preceded by humble admission of faults” he wrote.

He suggested that the Marcos family should return the ill-gotten wealth that they have obtained.

“Without that, how could we (move on)?. But even if they did, and we forgave, we, who were there to witness history and live to this day, will never forget what it did to the nation,” he wrote.

He said the President should have the Libingan ng mga Pangulo made, “as to not desecrate the memory of the many victims of the Marcos regime and its crony capitalists, and to honor those who fought to restore and defend freedom and democracy”.

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Rafael Alunan: I recommend a “Libingan ng mga Pangulo” Rafael Alunan: I recommend a “Libingan ng mga Pangulo” Reviewed by Unknown on 14 November Rating: 5

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