Writer Krizette Laureta Chu branded Mocha Uson as a "cultural icon" after the  self-proclaimed journalist's blog was featured in an Ateneo school publication.

Uson's blog was used as an inspiration, with the publication's title being "Mochangtanga".
Chu claimed that whatever one's stand on the paper may be, one thing is undeniable.

Renowned writer applauds Mocha Uson, tags her as "cultural icon"
Composite photos from Chu's Twitter, ABS-CBN News
"The former girlie mag cover girl, sexygirl group dancer and "bold star" has transcended her previous job titles and is now an undeniable cultural icon," she said.

She said Uson has been able to achieve what icons such as Madonna, Cher and Prince have- she has become a "one-name" celebrity.

Mocha Uson, who carries both her names as an identifier, is an avid supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte and has earned attention from her blog posts about the man.

As of writing, she has four million followers.

"Who would have thought, only 6 months ago, everybody would know your name, 4 million people would read you, and you would have higher online engagement than some mainstream news sites" the post read.

"Mocha's ability to transform herself is proof that the Philippines is a free country, and yes, that you can be who you want to be." Chu wrote.

The post has earned three thousand likes in eight hours.

Read full statement of Krizette Laureta Chu:

Writer tags Mocha Uson as "cultural icon"

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Renowned writer applauds Mocha Uson, tags her as "cultural icon" Renowned writer applauds Mocha Uson, tags her as "cultural icon" Reviewed by Unknown on 17 October Rating: 5

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