A netizen hit the opposition by saying that these people are "demonizing" President Rodrigo Duterte by making big deals out of his flaws, and not acknowledging  his accomplishments.

Opposition is "demonizing" Duterte, says netizen
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Andrea Carigma posted an open letter to the Liberal Party on her Facebook page declaring that they cannot find the fault in Duterte's governance and so they attack him for his language.

According to Carigma, Duterte is a man of action, not of words.

"Sabi nga nila, take advantage of your opponent's weak point- a mark of being a coward and a weakling in my book. No, it's not being smart, it's being malicious." she said.

While Duterte may have problems with articulation, his mind is sharp for a man of his age, she said. Adding that in order to understand him, one must be of a sharp mind as well.

Carigma stated that the opposition is demonizing his image, just as they did to CJ Corona, GMA, and Feridnand Marcos.

"Same old recipe. Bringing it to playing field they thought was theirs: the international scene."

Criticisms from international bodies such as the UN and EU have been received by the president regarding the extrajudicial killings linked to his drug war.

She said Duterte was ahead of the opposition months before, and has secured the support of OFW's and Filipinos wanting change.

"That is power", she says, "Not the coercion-form, but a power wielded by true commitment to serve."

"You shall not demonize a public servant anymore. The people won't let you." she added. MJM

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Opposition is "demonizing" Duterte, says netizen
Opposition is "demonizing" Duterte, says netizen
Source: Andrea Carigma

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