An open letter to the President of Philippines
by Ms. Marilou Krebs who is a Registered Nurse, Filipino born currently living in Australia

Dear Mr Rodrigo Roa Duterte:

I am a citizen of the Philippines and I am writing this letter to express my freedom of speech. Lately, I have been watching the Blue Ribbon Justice Committee and The Senate in the past few days.

I could not agree more with Sen. Cayetano's privilege speech on the 19th Sept 2016. He was so "spot on" regarding the issues of what happened in the Blue Ribbon Justice Committee hearing.

How tough is the Senate in scrutunising President Duterte barely being in the Office less than three months? Where are these critics during previous administrations? Are they being bias and being selective?

Do you think a treason could have even been committed by Sen. Leila de Lima and others in plotting to destabilse the government, defaming the President and derailing him on his goals for the Philippines and its people? I'm glad Sen. Gordon asked for investigations on how this unfolded without following the procedures like bringing Matobato in the hearing without the knowledge of Vice-Chairman and its members. Then denying it when the new Chairman Sen Gordon asked who brought him here?

I find that Chief dela Rosa's time was also wasted. He is being questioned and judged harsly, a comment something like "how come you haven't catch the drug lords of the drug lords of them all?" Don't they know it does take time to produce a warrant of arrest or a search warrant to carry out such raid? Perhaps, the Senator's question has a hidden agenda in taking down the police morals? Clearly, the PNP lacks vital equipments to even carry out such a robust operation. They are carrying operations knowing it's very dangerous. Basic equipment like bullet proof vest cannot even be provided in able to save the lives of the policemen on duty. Perhaps previous police deaths could have been prevented, if the basic equipment like bullet proof vest were available? I know this is not on the current budget hence this aren't available as of yet. Then if your unlucky enough and have killed a suspect in such operation, you will be charge of murder, instead of a "casualty during police operation pending investigation". Where is the protection for the police who are out there in the firing line not knowing if they are going to come home alive to their families. How deplorable to also know that recruitment is not handled by the police or the training not handled by the police? I can't clearly recall if either or both. I totally agree that this should be return to the Police Dept asap.

I also think that there is a total bias of these whole saga on the so called "extrajudicial killing"/ "vigilante killings" investigations. As pointed out by Sen. Gordon and Sen. Cayetano these has been happening way before President Dutertes administration. I think Sen. De Lima has abused her position and has taken advantage of her position as the previous Chairman of the Blue Ribbon Committee, hence this unfolded like these, without following proper procedures/protocols. I'm sure there are other Senate inquiry pending or other things, why was this prioritised among others?

The Commission of Human Rights, even got out of the woodworks. I did not even know that there is such a thing in the Philippines, not until now. Is CHR also being selective, because if they really look closely and if they were doing their job, they shouldn't be focusing on killing alone, its not the only "human rights" that is being violated everyday. There are many basic human rights that were being violated way before President Dutertes administration and nothing was done about it.

Also, I find it very rude for the Senators walking out and being disrepectful while a Senator is delivering a speech. In this case Sen. Cayetano was delivering his privilege speech. Sen. De Lima and Sen. Trillanes walked out. Please show some respect and professionalisms. It's just not a one way street. Some senators also appears to be not paying attention as they were standing around talking, engaging on their mobile phones. What's the point of them being in the Senate if they are not actively listening? I just don't find it disrespectful for the speaker speaking, but also for the Senate and Constitution itself. How "unparliamentary". I believe this should also be addressed.

As per Sen. De Lima privilege speech the next day, she said, she had no idea of what was the privilege speech of Sen. Cayetano. Perhaps if she did not walked out maybe she would have known the context. It's her job to know. 

She's getting paid by Filipino taxpayer's to sit and listen in the Senate. I also found her privilege speech very disturbing as she was not only attacking and disrespecting the President of the Philippines, she was also using the Senate to pushed her own agenda and then not bothering coming back after the Senate had a break post giving her speech. She is not willing to listen, she just want to talk, talk, talk. I don't think this is acceptable and should not be tolerated, don't you think?

Sen. De Lima even carry on saying on her privilege speech 23 Sept 2016, "ang inyong pangulo", "poong pangulo". This is so disrespectful, she's tarnishing the President in front of the Senate and the Filipino people, don't mind the international media etc. Clearly, Sen. De Lima do not acknowledge the President, the sarcasm is so out there. I can't believe the Senate let her go on, on her speech, it's so damaging to the country. Sen Gordon did address this though, but were was she afterwards? I can't understand how the Senator's can walk in and out of the hearing, then making manifestations etc without really being there to start with. Is this acceptable? There are people in the background as well engaging on their phone, giggling, laughing and talking is so distracting to viewers, how can the Senators concentrate when people around you are not paying attention but causing distractions instead. Also other distractions like advertisement of water bottle "absolut" & "mac" laptop. I hope, the Senate is getting paid for these or is it "free" advertisement? Is this appropriate? How lucky are these companies.

Open letter for Pres. Rody Duterte by a Registered Nurse in Australia
Photo by Philstar
Sen Gordon made a joke just to ease the tension regarding his name "Dick". That's fair but then Sen Sotto further- tried to make jokes by saying "hard" questions. I think this was rude and inappropriate joke/comment considering there were student present in the Senate and perhaps this was being broadcasted live? Please review the tapes if you think I'm wrong.

I also noted regarding "one minute suspension" was granted from the Senate President but this became at least one hour. This happened again the next day. Please be prompt if one minute suspension granted then it should be one minute suspension and not becoming one hour instead. Time is being wasted, time is precious, nothing is being achieved if the time in the Senate is not used wisely. It's okay for some Senators perhaps as they are getting paid. I don't think it is okay and fair for the Filipino people.

I also noticed while the prayer is being conducted in the Senate, Senators in the background are talking, where is the respect? I think this should also be addressed by the President of the Senate? Be strict, after all this is the Senate.

Also, another matter that the Filipinos have said is that, the Senate should discuss matters in Tagalog as not everyone is educated enough and not everyone can understand English. I know to speak English is probably quicker, maybe these should be translated in Tagalog at least or vice versa so that everyone can understand for sure of what is being debated and discussed in the Senate. The less educated people are also interested of what is going on in the Senate rather than them relying of the sometimes bias of the medias and hearsay. At least by speaking Tagalog they can have their own interpretation of what's going on and every Filipinos are well informed.

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Can you also please pass this on to the Congress and all other Governmental affairs, SONA, etc. I think this a fair call. Adding a sign language is also not a bad idea.

Thank you for reading my email and I hope to see some changes sooner rather than later. Politicians are supposed to be the "models" by showing high standards in their job, being "parliamentary" always and being a good example for the young generations. In hope this leads to progress for the Philippines and its people.

PS. I was meant to send this earlier but unfortunately I haven't. Then another incident happened on the 3rd Oct 2016 at Blue Ribbon Committee Hearing. So I thought I will just add it here as well.

As per Sen De Lima, CHR is an independent organisations. Is it? Please clarify this because if it is independent why such positions like the "Chairman" is being appointed by the President of the Philippines? Please don't confuse us, Sen De Lima should know, that's why I'm asking because such comment was made from her, is it independent or governmental?

Sen De Lima also said, I find it disturbing grenade & M-14 are being carried around peoples body. As we know in Mindanao, this has became the norm due to history, lack of protection from the Government in implementing the law etc. I think this is not just disturbing in Mindanao, I find it distrurbing as well that security guards carry such a powerful guns, like shotguns. Why is this? The PNP don't even carry those kind of guns most of the time where as, security guards with minimal training can carry such a gun. I know they carry this to deter robbers, but there have been incidents were security guard was killed at work. I bet there were no such compensation given to them. Why are they allowed to carry guns & powerful guns? I'm sure there are protocol for this? Or should there be protocols for this? I could go on but I'm sure you are getting my point. I hope this also get looked at.

Sen Trillianes comment "what's the fuss?" kung umalis na daw si Matobato. First of all, he disregarded the rules and the instructions of the Chairman. It was not Sen Trillianes decision, he should have informed the Chairman before sending Matobato home, regarding whatever excuses he is making. He clearly violated the Blue Ribbon Committee's rules and order. Perhaps, Sen Trillianes can subsidies the witnesses expenses, since he is saying "there's no fuss" for sending Matobato. I totally agree with Sen Gordon's comment to him. 

Sen Trillianes goes on making accussations, that the Chairman is bias. That's a big call. I did not see any bias at all from Sen Gordon. I think there was a big bias on Sen De Lima specially when she was the Chairman.

I believe the Senate should address all these things and don't let them get away with it, if not it will be a bad reflection in showing these actions/ behaviours are acceptable in the Senate. Why bother making rules then if they are not going to be adhered to?

Sen De Lima repeatedly talking on top of the Chairman's voice, raising her voice, then just walking away from it is such a disrespect. She refused to listen. This is totally unacceptable by walking away just like that- twice, is just deplorable.

I think an apology is not even enough for these time and money wasted hearing. Are these impeachable offenses on Sen De Lima & Sen Trillianes for obstructing the hearing, disorderly behaviour, concealment of material and bringing a witness without informing the Vice Chairman and its members. Matobato was listened to while he makes very serious allegations, not just to the President Duterte but the Vice Mayor Duterte as well as the PNP staff who are retired and/or in active service. I hope you can impeach them, suspend them without pay immediately or terminate their role as Senators since they have abuse their authority and the Senate has to lead by example. Enough of these shenanigans.

That is all, thank you.
Sincerely yours,
Marilou Krebs

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