"Edgar Matobato – and possibly his backers – lied to the Senate about the abduction and killing of one Sali Macdum in 2000."

Sen. Panfilo Lacson maintained his thought about the concealment issue during the 5th EJK probe in Senate happened on Monday.

Lacson on De Lima: A lie is a lie, whether it is by commission or omission
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Lacson said that while Matobato may have admitted he was charged by NBI, he had claimed the involvement of the so-called Davao Death Squad.

But at Monday’s Senate hearing, the NBI said its records showed Matobato was charged along with at least three others, none of whom were from Davao police.

“Bakit in-omit? Whether ang pagsisinungaling mo ay by commission or omission, pagsisinungaling pa rin yan,” Lacson said in a radio interview.

Also, he was unimpressed by Senators Leila de Lima and Antonio Trillanes IV’s claims that Matobato had mentioned facing charges from the NBI for kidnapping.

“Pero ang context noon, inamin (ni Matobato na) siya na-file-an ng KFR pero pinipilit niya pa rin ang kasama niya roon mga DDS samantalang ang kasama niya sa kaso di mga Davao police kundi identified naman eh,” Lacson said.

During Monday’s hearing, the NBI said its records showed Sali Macdum, who Matobato initially claimed was an international terrorist summarily executed in 2002, was abducted and killed in November 2000.

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The NBI said charges had been filed against Matobato and three others for kidnapping for ransom – contrary to Matobato’s claims the so-called Davao Death Squad killed Macdum.

“It’s not my intention to put Sen. de Lima on the spot. I’d like to know why she did not manifest since that incident including charges vs Matobato and three others, bakit di siya nag-manifest noong tinatanong natin si Matobato?” Lacson said.

“Kasi sana kung namanifest ninyo ito, di na natin ipatawag ang pulis galing sa Davao. Ang iba mag-attend ng arraignment tomorrow morning,” he added.

Senate justice committee chairman Richard Gordon, for his part, said Matobato deliberately misled the senators “to make us believe he had no case.”

“He implicated people who NBI investigation showed not part of the investigation… (it was a) wild goose chase,” he added.

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