Sen. Richard Gordon, current chair of the EJK probe committee is seriously considering to forbid alleged DDS hit man Edgar Matobato from returning to the Senate.

Gordon wants Matobato out of EJK probe for lying
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This is after an grumpy end to Monday’s 5th hearing on the alleged extrajudicial killings of drug suspects under President Rodrigo Duterte.

Gordon felt Matobato has become a “damaged good” for not being forthright about a case filed by NBI against Matobato for kidnapping with ransom of Pakistani national Sali Makdum in 2002, reported by 
DZBB’ anchor-reporter Nimfa Ravelo.

During the irritable ending of the Senate hearing, Gordon accused Matobato’s handler, Senator Leila de Lima, of “material concealment” for not revealing Matobato’s case.

But de Lima and Trillanes IV later proved that Matobato himself divulged the kidnapping case in his previous appearance in the committee based on the transcript.

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But Gordon and other senators were bent on putting an end to Matobato’s time on the hot seat at the Senate. The committee has postponed its two hearings scheduled for today and tomorrow. It will hold a caucus today to decide on Matabato and whether the probe should continue. “We are now lining up all the inconsistencies and perpetrated by Mr. Matobato,” Gordon told reporters.

Source: Politiko

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