While some Filipino celebrities  have expressed their support for President Rodrigo Duterte and his war against drugs, , there are some who opted instead to be the man's critics.

Top haters, critics who lambasted Pres. Duterte
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One of these people is Jim Paredes who on his twitter account, slammed Duterte. On May 24, Paredes posted a photo of the president dressed as the Child Jesus.

"I now reject the Son of God from Davao. I believe in Duterteronomy as my bible." the caption read.

Paredes has also released a series of tweets slamming Duterte for choosing to be inaugurated separately from Vice President Leni Robredo, claiming Duterte was disappointed for the loss of Bongbong Marcos who also ran for Vice President.

"Be an ADULT President. Respect OUR VP. BBM WILL NEVER BE VP even even if you want it!" one of the posts read.

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One more TV actress who lashed on Duterte is Bianca Gonzalez-Intal who in September, lashed on Duter for his LGBT remarks.

"Not the most sensitive statement to both the priesthood and the LGBT community." she said.

Singer Kitchie Nadal has also expressed disagreement wit the President when he commented that he had two wives and two girlfriends.

"Womanizing (not womanizers) has to be condemned and not condoned. This is a serious problem in our country for many generations and the reason why our country has become matriarchal".

""Mayor Duterte, with all due respect, If you cannot follow these marital laws for your family, at least respect these laws for the rest of the families of our nation by upholding them still, like how you want us to sacrifice and respect other laws you are upholding no matter how hard it will be for many," she added, saying Duterte should start his goal of change by controlling how he speaks.

Actor Gab Valenciano posted on his Facebook account a message to Filipinos encouraginh them to think twice about supporting Duterte. This was after the president's remarks about the rape and murder of an Australian victim.

"But damn, this guy is running for PRESIDENT. His face will represent my blood. His decisions will represent my blood. His actions will represent my blood. And I refuse to be represented by someone who disregards the basic requirements of being a great leader, or person at that" he said.

"People want change, you're tired of the system, you can't take it anymore, you want our country back, but at the cost of what? Our humanity? Our culture? Our history?" he added.

One more critic is Giselle Tongi who posted a screenshot of Duterte doing the dirty finger in her instagram account.

""What people fail to see is that this is my president too. I am still a Filipino through & through! But for God's sake, enough of the trash talking! It's downright unpresidential & unbecoming of anyone to have to use this language. Less than 100 days in office, over 3000 dead & counting, the daily rants... how can we tolerate this for 6 whole years?" she said.

"I expect the nonsensical bashing coz of this post but if you could truly share how you feel as a Filipino, I'd appreciate it way more than the name calling please?" she added.

Activist Carlos Celdran recently started an online petition to make the president resign.

The efforts however, were futile when majority of people only criticized him.

On October 7, actress Agot Isidro in her Facebook page called Duterte a "psychopath".

"Unang-una, walang umaaway sa iyo. As a matter of fact, ikaw ang nang-aaway.Pangalawa, yung bansa Kung saan ka inuluklok ng 16 million out of 100+ million people ay Third World. Kung makapagsalita ka parang superpower and pilipinas eh. At excuse me, ayaw namin magutom. Mag-isa ka na Lang. wag kang mandamay. Hindi na nga nakakain ang nakararami, gugutumin mo pa lalo.Pangatlo, may kilala along psychiatrist. Patingin ka. Hindi ka bipolar. You are a psychopath." the actress wrote.


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