President Rodrigo Duterte said he will appear in his own television show on state-run station PTV-4, where he himself would read and address people's complaints about corruption in government agencies.

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In his speech on Friday, Duterte wanted the program format to involve him reading texts from people about any difficulty they experience in dealing with public officials.

“Now there is a MalacaƱang TV, PTV-4, so may program ako dyan. I’ll give about, every morning, one hour. Lahat ng Filipino na nakatikim ng… whether it’s in the permit sa office of the mayor, or an electrical clearance or way of right already paid but unimplemented, i-text mo na lang,” he said.

Duterte claimed he would remove corruption in obtaining government permits, and make it easier for the public to get them, without the hassle of going through a checklist of requirements.

"If you are made to go back and forth, mag-text lang kayo. No more names. Magtext lang kayo, ako na ang bahala.” he said to the public.

He did not disclose when the show would start.

Duterte had a show Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa in Davao. The administration is currently patterning the said PTV-4 show after it.


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