President Rodrigo Duterte claimed that the country is now safer, after his campaign against illegal drugs has lessened crime incidents.

Sine he sat as president on June 30, at least 1800 drug users and suspects have been killed in Duterte's drug war, according to the ABS-CBN Investigative and Research Group.

Duterte's drug war has earned criticisms from international bodies and human rights groups, but the man remains unmoved, and claims that he has decreased the crime rates across the country, especially in Manila.

Duterte in a speech in Davao said: “Kita mo ngayon, nawala. Iyung reduction ng crime, the dive [was] almost 50 percent. Now, it’s a bit peaceful to walk anywhere sa Manila".

Despite growing criticisms, he remains resistant to claims that he is violating human rights.

Duterte hit on Western governments for criticizing his methods, claiming they don't know the ills ruining the justice system in the country.

He claimed that the justice system in the country is faulty to the point of tolerating the proliferation of illegal drugs. MJM


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