Senator Leila de Lima said she will run to the Supreme Court to challenge the long withstanding immunity from suit of the country's president.

This is a move in her quest for justice regarding the allegations thrown against her in the ongoing House probe on the proliferation of drugs in the New Bilibid Prison.

De Lima runs to SC to file "test cases" against Duterte
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De Lima on Tuesday told reporters that she will file "test cases" against Duterte.
“I’m going to file a test case na may mga pagkakataon po na hindi pwede i-invoke ang presidential immunity from suit. Test case ito, kasama yan sa writ of amparo, at habeas data,” she said.

“Ito ang pagkakataon na ite-test natin ang doctrine of presidential immunity from suit. I don’t think na yung mga nakaisip ng doktrina na yan ng immunity from suit could have ever comprehended situation like this. There is blatant abuse of power,” the senator added.

The President of the Philippines is granted immunity from suit for the duration of his term.

De Lima said she will also ask aid from the Ombudsman in filing charges against Duterte.
The writs of amparo and habeas data are remedies available to a person for protection and access to information respectively.

The senator said she believes that the Department of Justice and all other branches under the executive branch  will not give her a fair treatment particularly in the distribution of her alleged sex video.

“Kanino ako dudulog para aksyunan ‘yan? PNP ba, NBI ba, DOJ ba? Eh magkakakampi yan. Magkakakuntyaba yang mga yan sa paghahanap at pagfa-fabricate ng mga ebidensya laban sa akin,” she said.

De Lima has been accused of involvement in the proliferation of drugs in the NBP. A drug trafficking case has been filed against her by the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption.

The senator said the cases may be filed by next week.

SOURCE: Politiko

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