Quezon City Rep Alfred Vargas in a speech said that he is alarmed by the recent listing of showbiz personalities involved in illegal drugs and the criticisms that were given to them.

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"To tell you the truth, being an actor myself, it personally pains me to see these personalities waste their career and life opportunities because of illegal substances." Vargas said.

He said the personal lives of these people will never be the same after they are exposed as users.

Vargas claims that not drug users are bad people. He also said that even society's VIP's can be "victims of this evil".

Vargas said that being a celebrity requires a great deal of responsibility and that actors are "public properties".

He said the industry must act now to prevent more personalities from being addicted to drugs. "It's time to strategize and organize" he said.

Vargas claims that the Duterte administration is serious about the fight against drugs and that it may lead to meaningful reform in all sectors, including show business.

"There is still hope" he said.

SOURCE: Politics.com

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