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The Martial Law years under the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos are being depicted as a heavily one-sided story.

According to journalist Rigoberto Tiglao, the yellow cultists and Communists are making sure that Marcos will be depicted as the sole villain of the story.

Tigalao said that a foreign author whose name he did not disclose was being tasked by the yellows to come up with a book inspired by "narratives of biased sources and second-, and even third-hand accounts" which claims that the detention camps then were similar to the USSR's horrific prisons that made up the so-called Gulag Archipelago.

As a prisoner of Martial Law himself, Tiglao says the book's claims were "total rubbish".

He said that if you would compare it to the Gulag, Marco's prisons "would be a middle-class drug rehabilitation camp, or teenagers' summer camp".

He said it was the Gulag Archipelago that made him resign from the Communist Party in 1974. 

The detention cells were those of the Philippine Constabulary's fifth Constabulary Unit in Camp Crame, the Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in Camp Aguinaldo, the National Intelligence Coordinating Authority in V. Luna in Quezon City and the maximum securiy Youth Rehabilitation Center in Fort Bonifacio.

Tiglao said the book was funded by the Liberal Party and that they were planning on distributing it to high schools should Mar Roxas have won in the elections. They claim even Leni Robredo is planning its distribution to seven million high school students.

"I just hate it when a book is written by a gullible, crackpot writer expecting to make money out the Yellow cult’s panic over Bongbong Marcos’s vice-presidential candidacy last May." Tiglao said.

He said that while it is true that 50,000 were detained in the first few months of Martial Law, there was a drastic reduction of political prisoners after Martial Law was stabilized.

"In December 1974, I was among probably a thousand out of the 1500 detainees released from Marcos prison euphemistically called Ipil Rehabilitation Center, which was the biggest in the country, in the “spirit of Christmas”, Marcos had declared.   Many of those released returned to the underground, even becoming top communist leaders and NPA commanders," he said.

The man questioned why two of the people who are most to blame, Juan Ponce Enrile and Fidel Ramos, both high-ranking officials then, (Enrile was Martial Law administrator and Ramos who supervised the military and the Philippine Constabulary (PC)) never gave accounts explaining the military abuses.

The officials who were responsible, and accountable, for Marcos’ prisons and alleged human rights abuses, were indisputably Enrile and Ramos. Marcos in November 1972, or two months after he imposed martial issued General Order No. 16 which created the “Command for the Administration of Detainees” (COMCAD) with Enrile appointing Ramos as its commander, who was the authority supervising all detention centers, including that of the armed forces. 

He called the two men "political opportunists" who were in fear that their accounts would create the image that they defended Marcos.

"How many of the political detainees were Communist Party or New People Army members who were trying to topple government, and how many of those killed were in fire-fights with the military or paramilitary groups? How many were the Moro casualties as result of the MNLF and MILF’s secessionist war against the Republic, and were these listed as part of those allegedly killed or “disappeared” during martial law." he said.

Tiglao claimed Yellow narratives of the Marcos years did not raise these questions. MJM

SOURCE: Manila Times

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"Yellow cultists" spreading one-sided, exagerrated martial law accounts, says Tiglao "Yellow cultists"  spreading one-sided, exagerrated martial law accounts, says Tiglao Reviewed by Unknown on 24 September Rating: 5

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