The people are suspecting. Even the Police are considering the possibility. Was the explosion in Davao in fact a diversion technique?

Davao City’s Roxas Night Market on September 2,  was filled with various people who were probably out for a walk, running errands or were simply looking for goods to bring home after a day’s work, when at 10:20 pm, a bomb exploded leaving 14 dead and at least 70 injured.

A whole nation was in shock, a president declared State of Lawlessness, terrorist groups started pointing the blame at each other. But one vital question remains unanswered.

Was the explosion in Davao City a trick for diversion?
Photo by Inquirer
What was the explosion all about?

Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte after the attack claimed that a threat was given to him beforehand but he chose not to pay heed, thinking that it would just “wear off”. The identity and intention of the attackers remained unknown.

Philippine National Police Chief Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa told reporters  that the act was probably a part of narco-terrorism, attempting to cripple the efforts of the government and the police on the war against drugs and criminality.

Debates on social media have also emerged like wildfire where citizens voice out conspiracies. Some claim this is an attack on the current administration, some claim this was to destroy the President’s reputation by beating on his beloved city, some claim this is to let the issues on drugs and even on Senator Leila de Lima slowly die down.

There were those who claim that this might even be a trick pulled off by the government itself. A step towards Martial Law, the exact same thing as what Ferdinand Marcos allegedly did.  History once again repeating itself.

Was the attack really a ploy for diversion? Most probably, yes.  But diversion from what? 

Conspiracy theories will never stop surfacing until answers come into view. Until then, they will also remain just that, theories. 

What is clear as of the moment is that this is a nation feasted on by pests who are willing to take innocent lives for their selfish causes. Without movement from the people themselves, this will remain to hold true.

Whatever the reason behind this dreadful attack is, it should be considered a call. For awareness, for vigilance.

We might be at the brink of war, and the first step in planning the battles? Know who your enemies are. MJM

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