President Rodrigo Duterte said Wednesday that Senator Leila de Lima should take a break to avoid a nervous breakdown.

The senator has previously dared Duterte to arrest her as he said that he ordered authorities to put her in jail. 

"I would suggest that she takes days off then maybe I am afraid that if she continues yakking and listening to... she will have a nervous breakdown," Duterte said.

"In all sincerity, as a human being, honestly, I am not trying to derogate her. She's a lawyer. She's bright. She's breaking down," he said.

Duterte said that the allegations that drug lords detained at the national penitentiary helped fund her senatorial campaign is a "most serious charge".

De Lima previously said that Duterte is "the lowest and vilest man in the country".

"Our President is again going ballistics. Naaawa na po ako sa ating Pangulo kaya patawarin na lang po siya ng mahal na Diyos sa kanyang pinaggagawa [I pity him. May God forgive him for all his wrongdoings," she said.

"All of a sudden, for me, he's now the lowest and the vilest man in the country sa sobrang kabastusan po niya. That's why God forgive him," she added. MJM


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