Among the 74 who were injured in the explosion in Roxas Market in Davao City on Friday were two siblings who were out for a massage.

Princess Tagadaya along with brother Steven told their mother that they were going to the Market for a massage.

The two are now being treated in the Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) hospital.

Photo from victims’ Facebook accounts
Princess suffered an injury in her spinal cord and was intubated because her lungs were dysfunctional from the affected T3 in her spine. A tube was inserted in her lungs to help it expand.

Steven suffered a liver and vascular injury along with a fracture in his limbs. He is in a critical condition due to massive blood loss.

Both victims were students of Ateneo de Davao University which was just across the night market.

 "They texted me that they were enjoying the massage as Steven had a fever. They said, 'Mom, we are okay.' But I was shocked when their next message was 'Mom a bomb exploded.'" said Stella, their mother.

Upon hearing about the incident, the victims’ parents went straight to Davao from Cotabato. MJM

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