THE Senate will give security protection amid threats toward  Senator Leila De Lima, an official said.

Senate President Aquilino Pimentel III said that it is the Senate duty to protect its member if the situation calls for it.

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He added that even if there is no clear evidence that De Lima is indeed under threats, a security assistance will be given to the Senator.

“There’s no need to go into that or determine who is behind. What’s important is that if a member of Senate needs protection on such kind of security concerns, we’ll do so. If we investigate as to whether they’re true or not or whose behind it, it might take five years,” Pimentel said.

Pimentel said that even though De Lima has not forwarded a formal request for security, the Senate President already called the attention of the Senate Sgt. at Arms to look into the security of the lady Senator.

Last Thursday,  De Lima confirmed that she moved into another residence as her previous address in Paranaque City was made public by thr House of the Representives during the inquiry. She also said that she do not want to cause disturbance or compromise the peace and security of her neighbors.

De Lima also is alarmed by making her mobile number in public  in last week's hearing.

“I’m now a subject of persecution and I’m no longer safe. I don’t feel safe. The truth is I’m not safe!” De Lima said.  AJRSP

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