Vice President Leni Robredoon Friday said that any attempt to oust President Rodrigo Duterte would most likely fail. She said this in response to Duterte’s allegations that the Liberal Party is plotting an impeachment case for him.

Robredo: Ouster plan vs Duterte will fail
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Robredo told reporters  “I hope that no impeachment would happen, and I do not think it would prosper.”

The impeachment of Mr. Duterte would be a complicated process that would divide the nation, she said, adding that leaders should instead “channel our energies to the many responsibilities we have.

Robredo said she was offended by the accusation of Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano at the senate justice committee hearing that the LP was planning to oust Duterte so she could take the presidency.

“It was very unfair…We (the Liberal Party members) have not yet even talked. I did not even know that there would be a witness,” Robredo said, referring to Edgar Matobato.

Robredo claimed she was afraid that her “very good” working relationship with the president would be compromised by the allegations of Cayetano.

She said Duterte has provided the needs of the HUDCC which she now chairs and would like to support him in return.

“Every chance I get, I tell him that he can count on my support, that if he needs anything done, he should not hesitate to ask me.”

Robredo said that despite political differences, it is the duty of every Filipino to support the president.

 “When we support, it does not mean that we become blind followers. If we have differences, it does not mean that we stop supporting Mr. Duterte. For me, the success of the Duterte administration is the success of our nation,” she added.

Sen. Francis Pangilinan said yesterday that  the LP is not involved with plans to impeach Duterte, explaining that the criticisms in his drug war does not mean an ouster plor was being planned.

We deny being involved in any ouster effort. This accusation is unfounded and baseless,” said Pangilinan in a text message yesterday. MJM

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