While rehabilitation facilities remain short for the country’[s drug users, some barangays in Quezon City are using the Bible to turn a number of drug users who have surrendered back to a clean life.

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Fifty-eight surrenderers from the eight barangays covered by the St. Joseph Shrine in Project 3 made up the first batch who completed a spiritual renewal and Bible sharing seminar held on Aug. 27 to 28.

Among the men was “Edgar” who finished the parish’s program in two days. He says, ““I am happy with the activity because it taught me to surrender myself to God again. It opened both my mind and heart.”

He claimed that he has been clean from shabu or marijuana for the past few months in his attempt to live “come clean”.

“I would like other (surrenderers) to discover the great things I learned through this experience,” Edgar said when asked about his plans after the seminar.

The parish priest said that the church program was in answer to the problem of insufficient rehab centers for drug users in their province.

“I knew that some (of the surrenderers) would be needing more than the professional help that psychotherapists and psychiatrists can offer,” Eloriaga added. 

“Their spiritual (healing) is already 50 percent of their rehab. This will lead them to forget their addiction.” He added.

He said the users were “determined to start anew”.

The parish offered funds for food for the participants as incentive.

The Quezon City Police District (QCPD) chief, Senior Supt. Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar, agreed that a “faith-based”  intervention would be best for the surrenderers while the city’s rehab centers are filled with drug users.

“We hope that what they did here will be replicated in other communities not only in Quezon City but across the country.” He said. MJM

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QC Parish gathers Drug users to “heal through faith” QC Parish gathers Drug users to “heal through faith” Reviewed by Kristian S. on 05 September Rating: 5

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