The Lacsamana family are hugely disappointed at the priest who officiated the baptism of their newborn. According to them, the priest reprimanded them as well as the godparents allegedly for not saying “amen” loud enough.

Screengrab from GMA Network YouTube video
However, they refuted the claim and insisted that they said it loud enough. The priest also said, while pouring Holy Water onto the head of the child, that he hopes the kid wouldn’t grow up to be as hard-headed as the parents. 

The priest then walked out on them and they were answered rudely by the assistant when asked if the ceremony was over.

The archdiocese has apologized through Facebook, where the family also expressed their disappointment. 

The family cannot yet identify the priest as the baptismal certificate has yet to be released next month.

This is not the first time that such priests got into controversies. Just this year, a priest from Cebu was also under fire for reprimanding a teenage mother for having her child baptised. He was suspended. ASCS

Watch video below:


Source: GMA Network

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